{BLOG} Jung Yonghwa “Our 100th Day” :)

Hi, this is CNBlue’s leader, Jong Yong-Hwa ~

Are you living well? I hope so!

I am indebted to everyone for making “Blue Tory” a success, also our next album is already in its last few days of preparation.

Truthfully, we have all worked hard and joyfully for this preparation, yet we are still anxious. We ask for a favor that you also support our next album as well.

Hmmm…Truthfully, we have seen a lot of wonderful things, despite the short time.

When we laugh, we remember your laughter, and this seems to be the force that binds us together and makes our relationship thicker.

Once again, I would like to voice out our appreciation, we want to make all of you happy with our future endeavors.

Our whole life is music, and we love it, and we hope you love our music too!

Well, CNBlue marks our 100th day since our debut, tomorrow.

Congratulations to all of you, our fans who appreciated us.

And oh! The music video for “I am a Loner” was shot last year, around December, during Christmas season.

And just a few days ago, we are already preparing for the next album…

How time passes by so quickly! haha!

Tomorrow marks a rare event!

Tomorrow, we celebrate our 100th day!

CNBlue will reveal a gift for you!

We will reveal a photograph that is very precious to us CNBlue members.

On Christmas season last year, everybody was in the music video, and we took a picture of CNBlue along with everyone!

Even before our debut, this time together with you is very precious.

We wanted to show that we have fond memories of all of you, so we are showing this picture.

We hope you treasure this picture too.

Oh! One more thing!

The fanclub name has been decided with Boice.

The name was decided after careful deliberation with the members of the company,

With our precious “Boice,” we will work hard with our music.

Let Boice and CNBlue have a wonderful future together!

Music Makes Me High! (this is the title of his first entry, right?)

Boice Makes Me High!

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silahkan diartikan sendiri ya, takut salah translate… maklum bahasa inggrisnya sangat bagus ;p

lihat foto ini jadi ingat MV-nya I’m A Loner…  dibuat bersama para fans… ah, oppa so sweet 🙂 ❤

apalagi yang akan diberikan uri oppa ini di hari-hari ke depannya? single-single yang tidak kalah keren pastinya 🙂

buat uri oppa: