CNBLUE’s new track Love Light unveiled!

Even though CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yonghwa was diagnosed with vocal cord nodule last month, it was reported that CNBLUE’s comeback date would still proceed as scheduled.

Today, CNBLUE’s track titled Love Light (사랑 빛) from their upcoming second mini-album Bluelove has finally been revealed!

Love Light, a track composed by Jung Yonghwa himself, is evidently more mellow than the group’s debut song I’m A Loner.

So, Here they tracklist.

1. Love [Title Track]
2. Sweet Holiday
3. Black Flower
4. Tattoo
5. 사랑 빛 (Love Light)
6. Let’s Go Crazy

As seen above, CNBLUE’s mini-album will contain a total of six tracks. The album title “Bluelove” represents CNBLUE’s meaning of love as it will be expressed through their tracks.

Their title track Love has a modern rock atmosphere along with acoustic and electronic guitar sounds. It’s known that Jung Yonghwa also composed and wrote Tattoo, a track that has a strong, funky sound. Let’s Go Crazy is a song from CNBLUE’s first Japanese indie album.

Translate :

Meskipun pemimpin CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa didiagnosis dengan vocal cord nodule, dilaporkan bahwa tanggal CNBLUE comeback masih akan lanjutkan seperti yang dijadwalkan.

Hari ini, lagu yang berjudul Love Light (사랑 빛) dari Bluelove  mini-album kedua mereka akhirnya telah liris.

Lagu Love Light yang disusun oleh Jung Yonghwa sendiri, terbukti lebih mellow dari Single terdahulu yaitu: Im A Loner

Dan ini lah tracklist nya

1. Love [Title Track]
2. Sweet Holiday
3. Black Flower
4. Tattoo
5. 사랑 빛 (Love Light)
6. Let’s Go Crazy

Dan sperti yang di atas, mini album Cn Blue terdiri atas 6 lagu dan bertema kan cinta. Dan  Judul Mini Album BlueLove mengekspresikan cinta. *mungkin kecintaan cn blue kepada boice? ^^

judul lagu Love mereka memiliki suasana rock modern plus gitar akustik. Dan juga Jung Yonghwa composer lirik Tattoo, Lagu ini mempunyai aksen yang cukup kuat.

Let’s Go Crazy adalah lagu dari album indie pertama Jepang CNBLUE’s.




4 Responses

  1. btw teaser mereka buat love light dah keluar loh 🙂

  2. […] CNBLUE’s new track Love Light unveiled! Posted on May 11, 2010 by The Codename Blue Indonesia […]

  3. lagunya ternyata bwt hyun,,,,so sweet!!!!

  4. get well soon yong oppaa 😦

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